Interview with Deborah Neary

Interview with Deborah Neary about the benefits of the Women in Nature photography experience.

Abigail in Nature

After our Woman in Nature session, this is what Abigail told me…

I’ve been thinking about my time with you.  It’s interesting…  It’s your attention, I value the most from our time together.  It was deeply satisfying to have the undivided attention of another woman affirming my beauty.

I felt truly seen and adored through the eyes of another woman, Deborah Neary.  I was able to see the beauty that I have always known resides within me, in a visible outward way.

Thank you!

 Infinite Love and Gratitude,



Lin’s experience with Woman in Nature

In Lin Murphy’s words…

I had been enjoying Deborah Nearys’ photographs for years.


When she started doing the Women in Nature project, I was mesmerized.   I saw many of my friends looking just fabulous!

Deborah’s photography brought out their true inner nature, each one unique in their favorite place outdoors. I wanted to do it too! [Read more…]